About Us

We Really Care About What We Do 


Everything we stand for revolves around providing the very best in care for your children. Here at Tiny Sprouts Daycare, we understand just how tough the decision and transition can be to send your child to child care. 

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Who is going to look after my child?  Will they be safe?  What will they do all day?  Are they going to be challenged?

These are all questions we have wrestled with as parents. We would like you to consider us as an extension of home; a caring and nurturing place where your children are intellectually and emotionally stimulated by dedicated staff that are not only early childhood educators, but amazing human beings.


Our unique facilities have been designed to fit the needs of children from Birth to 3 Years of age. Your child will have the opportunities to examine and challenge their capabilities in all areas of development: physical; social; emotional and intellectual in a clean, fun and playful environment. 


Your child will be provided with the familiar comfort of home while drawing upon the expertise of trained Infant/Toddler Early Childhood Educators within a licensed setting. 1:4 Ratio of Certified ECE Teachers to Children Our staff are all certified Early Childhood Educators who have years of experience in the professional childcare field. They bring a wealth of knowledge in engaging and developing children of all ages. We have a 1:4 ratio of teachers to children at all times with no more than 8 children in each group. 

Our Team

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At Tiny Sprouts, we're passionate about early childhood education.  Our teachers have ECE Certification and decades of combined experience.  We are caring individuals who develop real bonds of love, and genuine concern for the success and acceptance of each child, honouring the unique qualities of your child and how they learn. 


Our teachers are additionally are trained in our specialized prodigy program and are provided with on-going training and support. At Tiny Sprouts we are dedicated to providing professional development opportunities for all teachers to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the Early Childhood Education field.  This is important so we can offer the best care and education possible for your child. 

Our Philosophy

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At Tiny Sprouts Daycare we aim to provide an environment that invites active engagement and exploration for all children. We believe that educators must take into account each child's interests, needs and strengths in order to successfully co-construct (build together) curriculum.   


We realize that each child is unique and when they are learning we will approach them in a variety of ways. We strive to accommodate each type of learner through the activities, equipment and materials offered.


Our educators at Tiny Sprouts Daycare recognize social and emotional development as key to every child's success. Through positive teaching of these important life skills we believe that children can reach their full potential. By building strong, nurturing and caring relationships children will be primed for pro-social behaviour